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Might the fear-based culture that drives societies today be what is holding us back from making significant
               steps  towards  stabilizing  the  climate? Possibly.  In  a world  that  is  endlessly  complex, uncertainty  in  any
               decision is inevitable. Our obsession with ‘optimising’ our systems debilitates the resilience of our species,
               and gives the false impression that all possible outcomes are foreseen. Scientific research is essential in
               narrowing the range of these uncertainties, and will be increasingly crucial as the impact of crises gain
               grounds. Knowing that we have the physical capabilities to influence our environment and we have the
               technology  to  understand  and  quantify  the  natural  world,  it  is  up  to  each  one  of  us  to  integrate  this
               knowledge into  our spheres of influence and  accept margins  of uncertainty. Once enough  of us do so,
               synergies will emerge as our spheres will organically begin to overlap, allowing us to escape the cycle we are
               However visionary, the Bardawil & Sinai Initiative is an opportunity for humanity to take a leap towards a
               better future for nature and society. After over five years of research, modelling and field-tests, the project
               is  now  actionable  and  the  potential  local  and  global  gains  are  tremendous.  The  implementation  of  an
               extensive monitoring scheme and ecosystem management plan as part of the project roll-out will not only
               ensure  that  resources  are  used  sustainably,  but  will  also  create  green  job  opportunities  for  local
               communities. Like no other we are aware of the unorthodoxy of regreening desert regions, but rather than
               be paralysed by uncertainty we have joined forces with academics, ecologists and engineers all over the
               globe to conceive a science-informed, holistic and long-term approach for restabilizing the local ecosystem
               to its old state - one that is fully biofunctional and regenerative.

               A strategic ‘living systems’ approach to climate stabilization                         17/26
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