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Lake Bardawil and Sinai Desert Restoration Project


        Regenerating Lake Bardawil                                     Regreening the Sinai Desert                                    Restoring the ancient hydrological cycle

        Marine Engineering                                             Large-Scale regeneration:                                      Impact on local climate:

        ›   Deepening and widening inlets and lake gullies to improve tidal   ›  Local and national embedded co-created masterplan based on a   ›  Increase of precipitation by strategic ecosystem
            energy in the lake and water exchange with the Mediterranean Sea  collaborative interscalar integral planning approach for regenerative   regeneration and water retention
                                                                           landscape development of a total area of ~30,000 km².
        ›   Establish a morphologic stable system with minimal maintenance                                                            ›   Improved climate conditions for water- and food security
                                                                       Resource Based Dredging:
        Coastal reinforcement:                                                                                                        ›   Unprecedented carbon sequestration
                                                                       ›   Reuse fertile sediments for regreening
        ›   Strengthen natural suppletion processes along the coast                                                                   ›   Socio-economic benefits for a better livelihood and future
                                                                       ›   Sustainable sediment treatment                                 perspective
        ›   Intelligent re-use of dredged material for reinforcement
                                                                       Fresh Water management:
        Wetland development:
                                                                       ›   Water Harvesting
        ›   Improve and restore lake shoreline wetlands
                                                                       ›   Flash flood prevention
        ›   Increase surface area of lake wetlands (low lying areas)

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