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Lake Bardawil and Sinai Desert Restoration Project

        1.   BSI MEMBERS

        1.1. Project Initiators                                                                   1.2. Implementation Strategist
                                                                                                  ORG Permanent Modernity is a research, (implementation) strategy and design group, with offices in
        DEME is a world leader in the highly specialized fields of dredging and land reclamation, solutions for the  Brussels and New York City. Architects, engineers, urban planners, ecologists, economists, strategists, policy
        offshore energy market, marine infrastructure and environmental remediation works. The Group can build  and process designers work together to tackle complex projects. The group thinks, designs and connects on
        on more than 140 years of know-how and experience and has fostered a pioneering approach throughout  multiple levels of scale: from architecture to regional and international systems.
        its history, being a front runner in innovation and implementing new technologies.
                                                                                                  They have developed integrated processes that work from research through implementation, across sectors
        DEME’s vision is to work towards a sustainable future by offering solutions for global challenges: rising sea  for intelligent, well supported, successful programs. We apply innovation through collaboration; curating
        levels, a growing population, reduction of emissions, polluted rivers, seas and soils, and a scarcity of natural  the insights of stakeholders to make projects the best they can be and get them built.
        resources. Thanks to its multidisciplinary capabilities, the synergies in many projects, and its integrated
        corporate structure, DEME has become a global solutions provider.

                                                                                                  1.3. Funding Strategist
                                                                                                  R20: Regions of Climate Action Foundation, a Swiss based NGO, has initiated the first international blended
                                                                                                  finance mechanism dedicated to Nature Based Solution sub national infrastructure: The Sub national
                                                                                                  Climate Fund (SCF).
                                                                                                  R20 was assigned to develop a specific investment facility for Mediterranean sub national authorities within
                                                                                                  the PAMEX (Plan Mediterranean exemplaire 2030) framework. The PAMEX Locally Investment Facility
        The Weather Makers (TWM) focusses on the restoration of water cycles by ecosystem regeneration. This  (PLIFF), will be officially announced at COP 27 as a Finance Facility platform of different investments
        will improve our livelihood and climate, increase biodiversity and create water and food security. We  vehicles with a pilot phase period which contributes to the Bardawil and Sinaï initiative.
        created the Weather Making Approach to regenerate ecosystems as a basis for restoring water cycles.  R20 provides international recognition to the Bardawil and Sinaï restoration initiative and initiates an
                                                                                                  international funding support.
        At TWM, ecology and engineering are used to identify and leverage cross-scale, cross-disciplinary synergies
        to generate positive, transformative change at local-to-global scales, with the ultimate goal to stabilize the
        climate system.

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