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Lake Bardawil and Sinai Desert Restoration Project

        10.3. Six steps engagement strategy

        1. First steps on the ground

        ›   Identify grassroots partners & communication of the vision
        2. Building a grassroots partnership

        ›   Bardawil regenerative Collective & Frameworks
        3. Co-visualizing the landscape

        ›   Community participatory mapping

        ›   Multifunctional habitat restoration
        4. Building capacity

        ›   Developing the principle “Rule of Law”

        ›   Community-based management
        ›   Compensation mechanisms

        5. Managing unintended negative consequences

        ›   Lessons learned from previous experiences
        ›   Securing diversified employment
        6. Pathway for scaling up

        ›   Co-visualizing the larger-scale landscape
        ›   Indigenous and local knowledges as ‘engines’ to other stakeholders

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