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Lake Bardawil and Sinai Desert Restoration Project


        10.1. Socio-Cultural Environment – Northern Sinai                                         10.2. Onboarding of the social engagement strategy

        The majority of North Sinai’s population is from Bedouin origin. The Sinai Bedouins are groups of tribes that  Knowledge building by a Demonstration Project
        arrived from the Arabian Peninsula between the 14th and 18th century. Currently, the Bedouins constitute
        around 70% of the whole Sinai Peninsula’s population, which is roughly 300,000 people.      ›    Workshops                                    Now
                                                                                                    ›    Research
                                                                                                    ›    Training
                                                              Leverage points:
                                                                                                    ›    Internships
                                                              ›   Boundaries: well, ‘wadi’ or tree

                                                              ›   Customary law
                                                              ›   Bedouin ILKs:
                                                                  practical,  changing, evidence-

                                                              ›   New knowledge may be easily
                                                                  adopted                           Integral Planning & Regenerative (Landscape) Development
                                                                                                    Series of holistic planning workshops to prepare a fully
                                                                                                    integrated holistic plan that includes social, environmental,
                                                                                                    and economic agendas

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