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             We are unique in our holistic approach in providing a solution to the
             major crises we face. Next to the broad multi-disciplinary expertise,
             scientific basis, deep analyses and the combination of low and high tech,
             we believe to make impact by actually doing, experiencing and reshaping.

             The Weather Makers believe that every person involved in the
             regeneration and management of natural resources can provide an
             optimal value to the process when there is an environment of trust
             and respect.

             Focussing on the water cycle makes it possible to make valuable
             business cases for ecosystem regeneration projects because the
             benefits are broad, enormous and relevant to us all.

             We build trust by monitoring and providing transparent results by
             the implementation of the Weather Making Approach. This enables all
             stakeholders to give input and steering to the system that is acted upon.

             The transparent results allow for organizations to invest in the goals of
             their interest, making regenerative financing and cooperation possible.

             We are ambitiously determined

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