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                           WE DO

             At The Weather Makers we use our intelligence,
             practical knowledge and dedication to positively and
             effectively influence the weather in order to stabilize
             the climate and achieve natural regeneration.

             Ecology and engineering are used to identify and
             leverage cross-scale, cross-disciplinary synergies to
             generate positive, transformative change at
             local-to-global scales, with the ultimate goal to
             stabilize the climate system.

             The Weather Making Approach is a holistic,
             science-informed and data-driven method to
             understand how to regenerate ecosystems as a
             basis for restoring water cycles. The Weather
             Making approach (re)values the role of the
             biosphere in weather and climate and develops
             long-term strategies for terrestrial and aquatic
             ecosystems and translates them into targets and
             reward systems.

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