The company was founded in 2017 and named after the book by Professor Tim Flannery. The book title is referring to the environmental behaviour of humanity for thousands of years. We are all ‘weather makers’ and dramatically influencing weather and climate. However, the book says ‘we already possess all the tools required to avoid catastrophic climate change’. It is those tools we, as a company, focus on to accelerate large scale biosphere restoration. The time has come to bring together a divers group of people to regreen our planet and restore its ecosystems.

Angel Imaz
Technology Architect
Duke ten Velden
Ecological Engineer
John D. Liu
Ecologist & Filmmaker
Maddie Akkermans
Managing Director / Co-Founder
Pieter van Hout
Project Manager
Prof. Charling Tao
Cosmological scientist
Eduardo Vias Torres
Ecological Engineer
Prof. John Todd
Ecological Scientist
Prof. Millán Millán
Rick van Bentem
Hydraulic Engineer
Chris Diters
Business Consultant
Gabriel Bellido Perez
Software Developer
Juliette Kool
Water Resource Engineer
Mohammed Nawlo
Business Consultant
Robin Heukels
Digital Advisor/Architect
Daniel Halsey
Permaculture Specialist
Gijs Bosman
Technical Director / Co-Founder
Maarten Lanters
Hydraulic Engineer
Pepijn Noordhuizen
Ties van der Hoeven
Creative Director / Co-Founder