The sequestration of greenhouse gases enhance photosynthesis and soil carbon content. The living biomass creates natural absorption of solar energy to reduce sensible heat and improve the local climate.


The measures to holistic engineering design for Watershed Wide Ecosystem Regeneration:

Step 1; Regenerating the coastal area by using the sea tide, wind induced waves and longshore currents which governs the water exchange, transporting sediment and energy

Step 2; Regreening the land with the resource based dredged material and holistic management

Step 3; Restoring the water cycle by restoring water vapor distribution via the dispersal in the atmosphere


The Weather Makers identify and create business cases for ecosystem regeneration projects by specially valuing the functional ecosystem. The benefits from a functional ecosystem is the uptake of greenhouse gases in living biomass and the sequestration of it, improvement of water safety and availability by retention, reduce sensible heat by evapotranspiration, clean air, strong and bio diverse food webs, balance weather and climate. In addition the ecosystem will provide services, such as crops, fish and fresh water, but valuing the living ecosystem will guarantee for regenerative harvesting: one can herewith never violate the functional aspects of the ecosystem.


The Weather Makers believe that every person involved in the regeneration and management of the ecosystem can provide an optimal value to the process when there is an environment of trust and respect. We build trust by monitoring and providing transparent results to all stakeholders involved by implementation of a Pro-Active Adaptive Realisation® (PAAR) methodology to be able to modify the scope of interventions based on validation by results. This will enable all stakeholders to give input to the system that is acted upon.