Climate change is in fact global disrupted energy distribution. This disbalance in the earth’s systems results in loss of biodiversity, extreme weather (floods, droughts and heat waves) and extreme sea level rise. Food and water security rely on functional and biodiverse ecosystems.

The Weather Makers identify strategic located broken watersheds. The restoration of the hydrological cycle and therefore the healing of the watershed will have a major positive effect on global warming and the distribution of the water vapor in the atmosphere.

The signature project and vision of The Weather Makers is to turn the Sinai back into the lush Garden of Eden. We have discovered that a greener and cooler Sinai can bring more moisture to the region, and can positively influence the larger weather systems that cause extreme weather around the Mediterranean and the Indian Ocean. But there’s more: regenerating an ecosystem of that scale will create a huge amount of social and economic benefits for local communities: increasing food, fresh water, jobs, peaceful lives and a sustainable future.

Ecosystem Function by The Weather Makers