Eco Oasis®

Salinization of soils has become a major problem in several areas of the world today, with various causes.


The Weather Makers have developed in cooperation with Professor John Todd (John Todd Ecological Design) a low-tech method in which saline seawater, as a main component, is used for natural fresh water harvesting, fertilizing soils and biomass growth to enhance functional biodiverse ecosystems.


The technology can also be used with fresh and brackish water to enhance the dispersal of water in the atmosphere and remediate nutrients and greenhouse gasses into living functional food web.


Cylinders of translucent material are placed in geodesic domes. Such solar aquatic systems are ideal for helping stabilize the climate within the domes. The air circulates freely through wide open dome openings, which prevents overheating during the day. The vents are closed at dusk. When the outside air cools at night, moisture builds up on the indoor ceiling and on the sides of the dome and produce fresh water.


Within the Eco Oasis a food web with multiple trophic levels is build up to enhance the productivity of the system and generate a balanced biodiverse ecosystem. The primary production is the indicator of the sequestration of greenhouse gases into living biomass. The water production of the aquatic system enables irrigation of the crops and flushing of the sediments.


Resource Based Dredging®

The use of aquatic ecology and coastal sediments to kick-start water and land restoration. Increase the available moisture in the watershed and start restoring micro water cycles from the coastal zone further inland.


Resource Based Dredging allows for intelligent use of marine sediments instrumental to effective regeneration of the ecosystem. During dredging all material will be pumped ashore for the first step in the process, segregation.

Materials can be categorised from (1) high potentials (Watershed deposits with high organic concentrations); (2) cohesive (impermeable) materials; and (3) granular materials.

Each of these categories of materials can be efficiently used. Granular materials will be used for construction works such as coastal reinforcement. Cohesive materials will be reused for structural impermeabilization works such as dams and terraces for water harvesting and protection against flash floods. The high potential materials will be processed in the Eco Oasis® to generate fertilized soils for regeneration works.


The dredging will take place hydraulically and the sequence of dredging and disposal can be strategically managed. The construction materials like sand and clay for coastal reinforcement and dams, can be used relatively simple. The organic material can be engineered to the best soils for regreening.