TWM – John’s journey to the Sinai

Green Gold – Documentary by John D. Liu

Interview with Millán Millán

Dr. John H Todd on Planetary Healing

For Thought: Hope for the Planet – Tim Flannery

The Soil Story – Kiss The Ground

Life in Syntropy – Agenda Gotsch

Watershed Wide Ecosystem Restoration – By Dreamlake

Ties van der Hoeven – The Weather Makers

Ichsani Wheeler – The Good Carbon Story

Our company name is inspired by the book “The Weather Makers” written by Tim Flannery.

The book is a very clear explanation of one of the most urgent, but controversial issue, in the world: Climate Change.

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Presentation J Todd

Presentation Daniel Halsey

Presentation Millan Millan

Presentation 's-Hertogenbosch Johan Mees

Presentation Li Rui