The Weather making
Approach for restoring
the water cycle

Viewing water as the engine of all life on earth,
we aim to restore water cycles as the key to achieve
overall biosphere restoration and create a healthy planet.

Viewing water as the engine of all life on earth

Viewing water as the engine of all life on earth

Our Approach

Approach - Why


The world we know today is facing severely degrading ecosystems. Earth’s vegetated cover suffers from declining trends in productivity, and species are becoming extinct at an unprecedented rate. With the current climate change crisis trajectory, the livelihoods of millions of people are seriously threatened.


The Weather making Approach for restoring the water cycle

We developed the Weather Making Approach, which is an agile ecosystem planning, engineering and management strategy that can be implemented on multiple scales and with different stakeholder groups. It provides understanding how to regenerate ecosystems as a basis for restoring water cycles. The Weather Making approach (re)values the role of the biosphere in weather and climate and develops long-term nature-based strategies for terrestrial and aquatic ecosystems and translates them into targets and reward systems.

Approach - Research & Development

Research & Development

Together with Wetsus, UU, WUR and TUDelft we work on several research studies.
Additionally, we have a physical research laboratory for applied research and development: The Eco Oasis.

Research Topics

Viewing water as the engine of all life on earth



At The Weather Makers we use our expertise, practical knowledge and dedication to positively and effectively influence the weather in order to stabilize the climate and achieve natural regeneration.

Ecology and engineering are used to identify and leverage cross-scale, cross-disciplinary synergies to generate positive, transformative change at local-to-global scales, with the ultimate goal to stabilize the climate system.

We created the Weather Making Approach to understand how to regenerate ecosystems as a basis for restoring water cycles.


Bardawil & Sinai Initiative

Bardawil & Sinai Initiative

We started our journey with the plan to restore the water cycle of the Sinai Peninsula in Egypt.
Discovering the potential of regreening the Sinai Peninsula: a greener and cooler Sinai can bring more moisture to the region, and can positively influence the larger weather systems that cause extreme weather around the Mediterranean and the Indian Ocean.
Restoring the water cycle in this area will have a big impact on earth in rebalancing our climate, reverse diversification of the Mediterranean, provide water and food security to the local people and improve livelihood and prosperity of people.
Our approach is not only applicable to the Sinai Peninsula. We can use it worldwide.

Open Summary of the Bardawil – Sinai Initiative

Perspective paper

In light of our close collaboration with academics and our vision to continue to do so in the future, we have produced a report that introduces the scientific concepts upon which the Sinai & Bardawil Initiative lays its foundations. Our intention with this paper is to communicate our vision, shed light on the critical unknowns in the field of climate science and biosphere restoration and make a call for more transdisciplinary research.

Open Perspective Paper
Bardawil & Sinai Initiative

Henriëttewaard Initiative

The Henriëttewaard is both a central waterways hub and ecological hub located at the area where the river Dieze floats into the Meuse. The Henriëttewaard is essential for the drainage of the area and besides that also a potential hub for further ecological development in the area.
The municipality of ‘s-Hertogenbosch wants to redevelop the polder into a river nature park as part of the Green Delta Program. The central guiding principle of the Henriëttewaard nature park is the transformation of the current agricultural land use into a functional and dynamic natural landscape. The Weather Makers are forming a consortium with several stakeholders and take the lead in determining the added values of the area in terms of water safety, water quality, carbon sequestration and to setup a financial model for the development. The design supports the different cycles by introducing key ecological processes through landscape diversity and biodiversity.


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About - About-Us

About Us

The Weather Makers is a company and network of specialists, researchers and designers in the field of holistic water cycle and biosphere restoration, both in water and on land. We believe that as humanity we already possess all the tools required to mitigate the catastrophic effects of climate change. It is those tools we, as a company, employ to accelerate large scale ecosystem regeneration.
The company was founded in 2017 and named after the book “The Weather Makers” by Professor Tim Flannery.

About - The Team

Viewing water as the engine of all life on earth

The Team

Viewing water as the engine of all life on earth

Angel Imaz
Technology Architect

Anneleen Geurts

Anneleen Geurts
Earth Scientist

Prof. Charling Tao
Cosmological scientist

Chris Diters
Business Consultant

Daniel Halsey
Permaculture Specialist

Duke ten Velden
Ecological Engineer

Eduardo Vias Torres
Ecological Engineer

Farah Shishani
Project manager

Gabriel Bellido Perez
Software Developer

Gijs Bosman
Technical Director / Co-Founder

John D. Liu
Ecologist & Filmmaker

Prof. John Todd
Ecological Scientist

Juliette Kool
Water Resource Engineer

Maarten Lanters
Hydraulic Engineer

Maddie Akkermans
CEO / Co-Founder

Prof. Millán Millán

Mohammed Nawlo
Business Consultant

Mohamed Zakaria
Vegetation and Ecology Scientist

Pepijn Noordhuizen

Pieter van Hout
Project Manager

Rick van Bentem
Hydraulic Engineer

Robin Heukels
Digital Advisor/Architect

Sanne Murraij
Communication and organisation

Ties van der Hoeven
Creative Director / Co-Founder



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