The Eco Oasis Lab is a physical research lab of The Weather Makers, used to gather data and understanding on three main research topics:

  1. How to apply aquatic food webs for the removal, or re-ordering, of nutrients?

  2. How to revitalize sediments (such as natural desalination).

  3. How can we valuate the weather making effect of biosphere restoration?


The lab is built to mimic ecosystems and understand how we can regenerate these ecosystems best, so we can enjoy the values nature provides.

The lab inside a spherical dome and divided into six areas, which we call slices that represent different ecosystems. One slice is filled with water and represent a water body within the water cycle. Another slice consists of a tree ecosystem, one slice with lower vegetation, like grasses, herbs and shrubs. Another slice has a wetlands ecosystem. The fifth slice will be used to grow agricultural crops to experiment the role of biodiversity on the production of food. The last slice will be used to carry out experiments on natural desalination of salty sediments.

The lab also includes cylindrical transparent tanks used to mimic aquatic food webs and are used to increase overall ecosystem production vastly. The system is completely circular, meaning that the water that flows through the tanks also passes through the different terrestrial ecosystems of each slice.

You can become a partner of the Eco Oasis Lab and directly support the weather making approach of biosphere restoration research.

Please contact Pieter van Hout to make an appointment and visit the Eco Oasis Lab.