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Hydraulic Engineer (TU Delft), entrepreneur by heart with a strong drive to bring people together and an international mindset. I have work experience in Europe (including Russia), Africa, Asia and Australia. My main focus is to innovate projects in the field of sustainability, visualization, serious gaming (virtual reality and 3D), communication and engineering.

I’m an experienced Project Engineer, Project Manager Business Developer and Negotiator on large infrastructure projects as a consultant with Royal Haskoning and as a contractor at DEME. With proof of practice in design of hydraulic structures and contract preparation. Due to my work and my drive to travel, I’ve had the opportunity to see the world, which gave me insight of the world we live in.

After having worked on several big construction works, my interest shifted to working together with nature. This boosted my creativity and I started to implement a pro-active adaptive engineering approach. This helped me to learn to work with complex natural systems by simplistic modeling and monitoring. Working together with nature becomes a game of understanding and positive feedback loops.

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