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My strong suit is finding synergy between people and their organisations. I always try to come to a win-win situation, whilst always keeping the main goal on what we want to achieve in this world in scope. Being very empathic and an includer allows me to connect with people with different backgrounds really well. I’ve used this talent in multi-stakeholder projects and programmes to achieve positive impact on our environment.

With a background in Human Geography and Planning at University of Utrecht (BSc.) and Climate Studies at Wageningen University & Research (MSc), I understand the engineers and am able to translate their technical analysis and advise to non-technical people. I bring knowledge of agriculture and the food system to the table, as I’ve gained a lot of experience in both my former job at an agricultural association as by being part of large networks such as the Climate Reality Corps, Slow Food Youth Network and KEK.

The beauty, complexity and connectivity of nature and ecology has always been a huge inspiration for me. Therefore, I am convinced that regreening our planet will benefit us all.

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