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Intrigued and fascinated by nature and its mechanisms since I was a child, I studied Biotechnology (TU Madrid) where I gained two years of practical research experience on plant-microbe interactions. To look at the current environmental challenges through different prisms, I joined the MSc on Water Technology by Wageningen University, having the chance of working in projects like the generation of renewable energy by salt gradient and the study of the prevalence of antibiotic resistance in our wastewater treatment processes.

My belief is that Ecology has a main role on providing societies with the most robust and resilient solutions. We can still step back and learn on how to reintegrate the ecological processes in our approaches and work together towards environmental justice. I want to dedicate the next steps of my career to do so, and in The Weather Makers I found the key drivers to do it: multidisciplinarity, passion and a clear vision.

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