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I am driven by two things in particular. One, my endless curiosity and second, my long-held believe that a deeper symbiotic relationship between humanity and nature is necessary. I graduated in Ecology (UvA) and Architecture (TU Delft) and afterwards I worked on building projects in several countries, from designing and engineering them to even help in the build itself. Especially the ecological buildings projects were an eye opener for me, because it showed me how beautifully nature can complement our lives. Through these jobs I cultivated broad creative and technical skills and enjoyed collaborating with other people.

Being an ecological engineer at the Weather Makers is the perfect mix between my two degrees and I love working simultaneously as a researcher, engineer and even designer. Working at the forefront of ecological restoration projects is humble and an excellent place to study the processes that drive nature. After all, integration of nature in our daily lives can only happen once we understand and see its beauty.

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