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Pro-Active Adaptive Realization

Pro-Active Adaptive Realization (PAAR) is a system to apply in projects as a tool to manage the negative effects of execution and optimize planning and costs. This makes it possible to design and plan interventions, minimize threat to the environment, whilst maintaining efficiency. Real-time field data gathering generates a continuous learning loop during the full duration of a project (or multiple projects), by extensive monitoring and observations and making the data available to all stakeholders.

Design review

TWM has senior experience in design and execution of many maritime projects worldwide. With this expertise we are able to quickly and efficiently review (tender) designs and identify opportunities, risks and constraints. Due to the fact that we have been working on all sides of the table (consultant, contractor, client) we are able to provide distinctive and valuable advice.

Sustainable design alternatives

TWM can provide sustainable design alternatives for maritime works. For example, we can design sustainable revetments whereby ecological growth and climate adaptive measures are incorporated in the design. Clients worldwide are more and more willing to adopt sustainability in their projects, but this is not always reflected in their requests for bids. A sustainable design alternative will help to stand out as a bidding company and trigger clients for negotiations.