Climate change is in fact global disrupted energy distribution. This disbalance in the earth’s systems result in loss of biodiversity, extreme weather (floods, droughts and heat waves) and extreme sea level rise. This is destroying the liveable earth. With population increasing and declining functional ecosystems, the planet will eventually not be able to support complex live forms like humans anymore. We need robust functional ecosystem to support human survival.

Food and water security
Food and water security are relying on functional ecosystems. This is highly under pressure. We need to restore aquatic and land ecosystems to restore our food security. This is strongly connected towards the soil carbon content. Soil carbon content leads to restored water cycles, improved ground water tables and fresh water basins for fertile soils: the basis for food and water.

Greenhouse gases sequestration
Energy supply for our way of living is currently in a crisis. Fossil fuels are slowly but certainly being replaced by renewables. Solar and wind energy are part of the transition, but a lot of new technologies are underway. The future of the energy market is uncertain, but in any case, we need to reduce our emissions and eventually remove the excessive concentrations of greenhouse gases from our atmosphere. Greenhouse gases are the building blocks for ecosystems! Photosynthesis sequestrates greenhouse gases from the atmosphere in a natural way. Ecosystems are therefore crucial in our net greenhouse gas emissions and play a vital role in the global energy transition.

Valuing Ecosystem Function
If we understand that ecosystem function has value then we also know our economy as it stands today is false. The solution to this dilemma is to value ecosystem function (Ecosystem function is defined as the natural functions fulfilled by ecological growth). By respecting the added value created by functional ecosystems we can make ecosystems part of our economy. It will become attractive to invest in earth restoration projects. The more time, energy and money humanity invests the more abundance will be created and the more resilient the earth will become. Abundance is capped within functional ecosystems not within scarcity! Restoring earth’s damaged and destroyed ecosystems provides the biggest economical boost the world has ever seen: fresh water, food, energy, reduction of natural disasters and stable climates.

Ecosystem Function by The Weather Makers