The Weather Makers are a group of passionate and pioneering engineers, with a background in coastal engineering and multidisciplinary projects. Social awareness inspired us to use our technical knowledge, skills and professional network in hydraulics, morphology, meteorology, ecology, hydrology and economy to start The Weather Makers and act against the climate issues the world is confronting today.

Maddie Akkermans – Managing Director, co-founder

Commercial insight into market operations. A powerful personality with which results and decision-making arise. I take the foreground and see what is important for growth. Being part of an inspiring community where strength and talent are received with enthusiasm.

My career was first shaped at Graydon, where I evolved in 8 years from acquisition dealmaker to director sales US. The shaping of liaisons to empower business and put it in practice was also my work at NLE energy, Van Lanschot Chabot and Castanje.

My ambition is to empower the effective regreening of degraded areas and have fun and meaning by managing The Weather Makers.

Gijs Bosman – Technical Director, co-founder

After graduation at the TU Delft, I have been working for ten years in the maritime sector for a large engineering company, Royal HaskoningDHV. Over the years I have gained experience in a variety of maritime infrastructural projects in several countries abroad, including Ghana, Libya, Qatar, the UAE, Denmark, Bangladesh and Vietnam, but also a lot in the Netherlands for predominantly the Port of Rotterdam. I combine my technical knowledge with my management skills: pro-actively motivating a team, focus on the client’s needs, while maintaining a good overview on the main issues, quality of deliverables, the planning and costs of the project.

In 2017 we founded The Weather Makers, I saw a fantastic opportunity to use my coastal engineering skills and experience for regreening projects. Watershed wide ecosystem restoration origins at the coast, making coastal engineering and reuse of dredged sediments key to success.

Ties van der Hoeven – Creative Director, co-founder

Hydraulic Engineer (TU Delft), entrepreneur by heart with a strong drive to bring people together and an international mindset. I have work experience in Europe (including Russia), Africa, Asia and Australia. My main focus is to innovate projects in the field of sustainability, visualization, serious gaming (virtual reality and 3D), communication and engineering.

I’m an experienced Project Engineer, Project Manager Business Developer and Negotiator on large infrastructure projects as a consultant with Royal Haskoning and as a contractor at DEME. With proof of practice in design of hydraulic structures and contract preparation. Due to my work and my drive to travel, I’ve had the opportunity to see the world, which gave me insight of the world we live in.

After having worked on several big construction works, my interest shifted to working together with nature. This boosted my creativity and I started to implement a pro-active adaptive engineering approach. This helped me to learn to work with complex natural systems by simplistic modeling and monitoring. Working together with nature becomes a game of understanding and positive feedback loops.

Mohammed Nawlo – Business Consultant

Graduated from the Lebanese American University in Beirut – Lebanon. I have worked for over ten years in international management, have experience in commercial, corporate and retail banking. This has helped me gain global knowledge and perspectives on Middle Eastern and international affairs. It has also contributed to building my personal relationships and international network and my ability to work in a multinational environment.

As a Syrian, considering my cultural and professional background, I would like to implement my broad experience and knowledge and I am willing to function as a bridge between the Western and Eastern world.

Maarten Lanters - Hydraulic Engineer

In 2016 I graduated from TU Delft as a coastal engineer. During my studies I got more and more interested in combining the main purpose of the study, hydraulic engineering, with natural and social aspects. Focus on just the hydraulic engineering side of a problem might solve the short-term problem but on the long term natural and social aspects are key for every project.

My thesis was a research into the relationship between hydrodynamics and the fish population of a tidal lake. A dredging strategy was proposed in order to positively stimulate the fish population of the lake. This contributed as a steppingstone to The Weather Makers.

The Weather Makers BV is a private company.

The Weather Makers are committed to make profitable projects happen with holistic engineering & nature based solutions with the aim to restore our planet.

The shareholders have agreed to use profits to enhance and enable the growth of our vision and empowerment of more projects.

In the legal structure also a foundation with ANBI status has been arranged. Reason for this additional entity is the financial possibilities towards investments in future projects or research in partnership with international foundations, funds and other entities.

Till today, the foundation is not used and has not received any funds. In case this situation will change we will directly communicate.

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